Solidarity Statement

[Episcopal News Service] As the Anglican women delegates to the 2007 United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) conclude their work this week in New York City, they are pledging to take their commitment “to remaining always in ‘communion’ with and for one another” to the wider Anglican Communion, and especially the 38 Primates, as a model for reconciliation.The Anglican delegation of more than 80 women, representing 34 countries in the worldwide Anglican Communion, issued a statement March 3 vowing “to remain resolute in our solidarity with one another and in our commitment, above all else, to pursue and fulfill God’s mission in all we say and do.”

Acknowledging the “global tensions so evident in our church today,” the women delegates “do not accept that there is any one issue of difference or contention which can, or indeed would, every cause us to break the unity as represented by our common baptism. Neither would we ever consider severing the deep and abiding bonds of affection which characterize our relationships as Anglican women.”

By K. Jeanne Person and Matthew Davies