ACC Resolution 13/31

UNCSW Delegates in 2008 devised a plan for women’s equality in the Anglican Communion that was accepted by the Anglican Consultative Council.

at ACC-13 meeting in Nottingham

The ACC Provincial Delegation to the 49th UN Commission on the Status of Women

The Anglican Consultative Council:

1. Receives and adopts the Report of the ACC Provincial Delegation to the 49th UN Commission on the Status of Women and affirms the work of the International Anglican Women’s Network in responding to the Beijing Platform for Action and the MDGs, thereby carrying forward the full flourishing of God’s creation

2. Acknowledges the MDG goal for equal representation of women in decision making at all levels, and so requests:

a. The Standing Committee to identify ways in which this goal may appropriately be adapted for incorporation into the structures of the Instruments of Unity, and other bodies to which the Anglican Consultative Council nominates or appoints;

b. All member churches to work towards the realization of this goal in their own structures of governance, and in other bodies to which they nominate or appoint;

c. and to report progress to ACC-14.

3. Recommends that a study of the place and role of women in the structures of the Anglican Communion be undertaken by the Standing Committee in line with the object of the ACC to “keep in review the needs that may arise for further study, and, where necessary, to promote inquiry and research”;

4. Requests that each Province give consideration to the establishment of a women’s desk for that Province;

5. Thanks those Provinces which sent participants to the 49th Session of UNCSW, and encourages those who did not to review their decision in time for the 50th Session in 2006 in solidarity with all women of the Anglican Communion.